10 Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars

Are you an office employee who has to sit more than eight hours a day on a chair to get some work done on your computer? Are you exhausted by using the same boring chair that provides no comfort, instead distracts you from your work. If both your answers are yes, then you might understand the importance of a good office chair.

Importance of an office chair? Yes, apart from having sleek looks, there are more considerations you should make while purchasing an office chair. These crucial factors include height adjustability, cushioning, portability, weight, and, obviously, the looks. Thus, opting for the best chair that suits you and your practices is essential.

Wait, wait. Don’t close this page and head towards Amazon. For your convenience, we’ve gathered and enlisted ten best office chairs under 100 dollars that you’ll definitely love. Spending extravagant amounts on an office chair may seem irrelevant, and thus you can own each product on our list with just $100 and less. So, let’s get started.

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Best Office Chairs Under $100

If you’re in a hurry, here is a quick list of our top 10 office chairs.

Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars –
Top 10 Reviews

1. AmazonBasics – High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair #1 Best Seller

AmazonBasics - Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars
AmazonBasics - Best Office Chair Under $100

Just visit the Amazon link and see this product’s looks and design. And do you know how much you’ll be paying for this? Only $100. Yes, with just $100, you can own this office chair from AmazonBasics.

This comfortable and adjustable office chair has the potential to serve you throughout your entire day. It has acquired the first rank in our list, and that too for a reason.

Whether you’re working on your computer or doing a simple study, this high-back executive chair can provide sophisticated support to your entire body. It’s sleek, professional, durable, and overall fully customizable. Speaking of customizations, this chair features a height adjustability range from 42 to 45 inches.

Apart from that, the 360° swivel mechanism offers a versatile range of motion, along with smooth swiveling and rock-solid stability. Build quality feels premium with stitched leather bonding and soft padding on the seats. And everything is supported by durable nylon casters, allowing the chair to become portable.

  • Padded Arm Rests
  • Bonded Leather
  • Nylon Casters
  • Back Is Not Adjustable

2. HBADA – Home Office Desk Chair

HBADA - Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars
HBADA - Best Office Chair Under $100

The second product on our list is from Hbada, which is a value brand for office furniture. At just $99, you’re getting an executive chair that’s suitable for both home and office. With its ergonomic backrest, this chair fits the natural curve of your back, delivering comfortable resting positions.

On the specifications front, this chair features a 120° tilt retention system and pneumatic height adjustability from 17 to 21 inches. On the base, you’ll find five-legged support made out of reinforced aluminum and nylon wheels to deliver maximum smoothness while dragging.

The backrest has been made using a breathable mesh to avoid unnecessary sweats during long office hours. But don’t get fooled by its sleek design and lightweight nature. Because it can comfortably handle 250 lbs of weight, without making any quacky noise that most other products do.

  • Flip-up Arms
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Recline Up To 120 Degree
  • Arm Rests Is Not padded

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3. Smugdesk – Mid Back Mesh Executive Chair

Smugdesk - Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars
Smugdesk - Best Office Chair Under 100

Are you looking for a stealthy and modern looking chair without having to invest extravagant amounts of money? If so, then this Smugdesk product, bearing a $75 price tag, is perfect for you.

Like the last ones, this also features a breathable and resilient mesh that molds perfectly with your spine, reducing efforts from your back muscles.

The seat, on the other hand, is crafted from a durable polycarbonate cloth that features the same mesh design. It’s not as premium as leather, though, but it’s still way more durable. The pneumatic controls on the bottom help in adjusting the height with one single push.

Everything rests upon an aluminum five-legged base with PU casters that ensure your marble floors won’t be scratched while dragging the chair. It can support 250 lbs at maximum, and considering the price of just $75, it’s a ‘now or never’ deal ongoing on Amazon. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Supportive Backrest
  • Breathable Seat
  • You Can Recline Up To 120 Degree
  • Plastic Wheels

4. Flash Furniture – Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair

Flash Furniture - Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars
Flash Furniture - Best Office Chair Under 100

A breathable mesh backrest is common nowadays for an office chair, and this Flash Furniture model, too, isn’t an exception. But there’s still a catch.

The backrest is not only breathable but also partially transparent, making it’s ergonomics sleek and eye-catching. Its built-in lumbar support assures to prevent any backache while working for hours.

The seat, though, is fascinating because it’s made up of CA117 fire-resistant foam with 3 inches of depth. This will make you float on clouds. The waterfall design on the backrest also provides exceptional experience and warning – you can fall asleep.

Height adjustability isn’t any problem with the pneumatic lever that features a range from 17 to 20 inches. It’s stylish, elegant, and also affordable. Oh, did I tell you about the pricing? It’s just $102. Get this deal before you miss it because this chair will keep you comfortable throughout your busy day.

  • Padded Flip Up Arm Rests
  • Ventilated Mesh Back
  • Leather Seat
  • Arem Rests Not Adjustable

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5. SmugChair – Premium Bonded Leather Office Chair

SmugChair - Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars
SmugChair - Best Office Chair Under 100

When you’re sitting on a chair for more than eight hours a day, then it’s essential to choose the chair that suits your body’s curves. This mid-backed chair from SmugChair can deliver precisely the same. For $74 on Amazon, this product is unrivaled with its durability, build quality and designs.

Simple pneumatic pistons help in lifting and lowering the chair without you having to get off. This features a high-quality bonded stitched leather finish, providing excellent comfort and premium feel. The leather seat and the backrest also offer adequate airflow for enjoyable and restful working hours.

The ‘five star’ base, along with large nylon casters, ensures maximum portability as well as steady support. On this note, it’s also important to mention that it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight, whereas most other products max out at 250 lbs. It’s an overall great deal, considering the price you’ll be paying after.

  • Back Pressure Adjuster
  • Comfortable Arm Rests
  • Back Lock
  • Bonded Leather
  • Armrest Not Padded

6. Smugdesk – Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Smugdesk - Best Office Chairs Under $100
Smugdesk - Best Office Chair Under 100

Coming at an affordable $95 price tag, it’s another beautiful product from Sumgdesk. This proves the excellence of this brand when it comes to manufacturing executive chairs.

Anyways, let’s have a close look at its specs. Like others, it’s got the same breathable material that helps in adequate airflow between your back and the backrest.

The seat is layered on top of thick foaming, and combined with the leather stitching, it brings more elegance and comfort to your sitting experience. Featuring an inbuilt lumbar pad, this product offers greater comfort, reducing pressure from your butt and back. Adjusting the height is as easy as it gets, with dedicated pneumatic pistons and a single pushbutton.

Additionally, it comes with a picturized instruction guide that won’t require any professional to assemble. It supports up to 300 lbs, and thus, whether you’re skinny or chubby, you’ll get great comfort and stability out of this. As a cherry on top, it features one year of replacement warranty.

  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Ergonomic Armrests
  • Chair Does Not Recline

7. Smugdesk – Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Smugdesk - Best Office Chairs Under 100 Dollars
Smugdesk - Best Office Chair Under 100

There a few value products that come for under $80, and this is one of them. Yet again, it’s from Smugdesk with a pricing of $75.

This time they have introduced sponge, instead of foam. This allows you to keep your body fresh by dissipating your body heat. The padding is slightly above 3 inches, making it the most comfortable chairs at this price.

Moreover, the pneumatic mechanism and tilt retention system is still present as the other products from this brand. This executive chair’s backrest, along with the lumbar support, archives excellent marks for delivering more than what it claims. The PU casters in the bottom provide high maneuvers but still doesn’t allow scratches on your floors.

Moreover, the package comes bundled with the chair, an instruction booklet, and a handy Allen key that helps you assemble the product. We strongly recommend this product due to its sleek design, unrivaled functionalities, and obviously the affordable pricing.

  • Breathable Seat
  • Back Pressure Is Adjustable
  • Armrest Is Comfortable
  • Armrest Is Not Padded

8. VECELO – Home Office Chair for Task

VECELO - Best Office Chairs Under $300
VECELO - Best Office Chair Under $300

Are you feeling frustrated and suffering from severe backache while sitting on your old chair? If yes, then consider checking out this product from Vecelo by spending just $100. The curved mesh backrest design fits snugly with your back, distributing any pressure throughout your spine.

The reclining function on this model features a tilt retention mechanism that maintains the force to swivel the chair. The base with thick padding liberates you from sweats due to long working days. Moreover, the height adjustability ranges from 18 to 22 inches, comforting people with most heights.

The 360° swivel mechanism, along with the nylon encased casters, delivers excellent portability. It’s scratch resistant and noise-free at the same time. Never let anything distract you from your work with this affordable chair from Vecelo.

  • Adjustable Back & Armrest
  • Durable PU Padded Cushion
  • Recline Locking Function
  • Breathable Mesh Back
  • No Cons

9. SINOVO – Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

SINOVO - Best Office Chairs Under $300
SINOVO - Best Office Chair Under $300

In our enlistment, products are available for every people with every possible physical category. If you’re a short person, then this one from Sinovo can be the best option for you.

Mostly because it features a height adjustability range from 35 to 38 inches with the chair back height being 22 inches. On the side of functionalities, it offers a 360° swivel system and flip-up armrests.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fatty, as it can easily hold 330 lbs of weight over its 360° caster wheels. The tiltable mesh back allows maximum breathability, if you’re habituated of sitting for hours. And the one-touch height adjustability is nothing worth mentioning as a feature.

The seats are made of high resilience foaming. This delivers natural comfort without any deformation over the years of harsh usage. Holding a price tag of $100, it’s undeniably one of the best products to choose, and that’s why it has secured its rank in our list.

  • Flip Up Arms
  • Rocking Mesh Back
  • High Density Mesh
  • Handles Doesn’t Go Down

10. Flash Furniture – Mid-Back Black Quilted Vinyl Office Chair

Flash Furniture - Best Office Chairs Under $300
Flash Furniture - Best Office Chair Under $300

The name is significant, and so its features, but not the price. The versatility of this Flash Furniture executive chair can be used anywhere, whether at your home or office.

This model is ideal for anyone who smashes over his keyboard and needs a straight working position. The waterfall design on the backrest delivers precisely the same by supporting the mid-upper region of your back.

This can easily swivel 360° to utilize the maximum workspace it gets in your office. The pneumatic height changing system offers a range from 22 to 26 inches, allowing not only short, as well as tall people. As the name suggests, the upholstery is made out of vinyl, providing rock-solid durability and strength.

On the building front, it’s made out of CA117 fire resistant foam and covered by a quilted designed mesh that’s also breathable enough to avoid heat accumulation and sweat. Packing this much of features at just $70, this product is a complete deal-breaker.

  • Fire Retardant Foam
  • Quilted Design
  • Seat And Back Are Not Adjustable

Final Verdict

What more can you expect from the products that cost less than $100? Nothing much, right? But still, beating the affordable price tags, these products, as well as their respective brands, have proven themselves as some excellent competitors in this space.

You can definitely choose any one product from our list of best office chairs under 100 dollars, and we guarantee you that you won’t regret it. So if you’re in a desperate need of a more comfortable executive office chair, then head over to Amazon and pick your favorite one.

Thanks for considering our article worth reading and as always we’ll catch you in the next one.

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